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Welcome to Austyria
Austyria is a mature community guild directed at (but not restricted to) players of Guild Wars 2 in the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific regions. We welcome players from all over the world, our only requirement is you be older than 18 years. Our vision is to see a gaming community built in Guild Wars 2 that provides fun and support for all its members.

Our mission is to be a friendly community guild where anyone may hang out as mates in any aspect of the game. We don't aim for the top, for numbers, ranks, or competition. Rather, we aim to provide company, entertainment and fun.  This game is about community, support and holding each other up. Remember our slogan: There is no substitute for mateship.

Please feel free to sign up any time! Find me in game, I am The Bacon Bard.3586

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News update: November 15 2012

Hey all! I'm keeping some older details from the last news article up here for reference. The new stuff is all about the next event: The Lost Shores!

There have been a few changes to how the guild runs itself again as we get more settled into the world of Tyria, Sorrow's Furnace, and the Guild Wars 2 community.


Pay close attention to the game for the one time only events happening! It all starts at 9pm CET on the 16th, which is 7am on the 17th for Sydney-siders!

Information about this update can be found at the Lost Shores website and includes unique events, new areas to explore and dungeons!


For a start, website registration is now COMPULSORY. This is because sadly, the world is not 100% full of nice people and I need some means to get the rules of the guild out. So from now on, if you are not registered on the website, then you are a Probationary Member until you do so.


A lot of us are nearing level 80 or already there. A few of us are on second characters. Many people like dungeons, and more dungeon runs are being done by the guild. They give great treasure, experience, and influence. Definitely worth a look, and you can start as low as level 30!


We are a small guild, our WvW impression is always tiny. Whether you are just another man in the field, or we band together to cause mayhem, WvW can be incredibly fun. Occasionally, I might build PvP boosts for the guild, and organise a time to go wreak havoc. There is many things to do, from building defences at claimed keeps, to running a siege on an enemy camp, to going sneaky behind enemy lines to kill supply dolyaks!


I've been looking into the sPvP things, and I would like to test something. I want to see if we can make a sPvP match by ourselves, of only guildies. I believe it can be done. Maybe we can set aside a night for it.

And that is the news! Keep on having fun gang!

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